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[audio]Metal show for the week of June 16, 2013 - Bursts O'Goodness
This week we present another metal show.  New tracks from Skagos, Moonlit Wake, Cough and more!The playlist can be found here.The show will stream for a week, starting at 3AM on June 17 at ashevillefm.org/the-final-straw
Keywords: ashevillefm; final straw; kxcf; kwtf; metal; music
Downloads: 37
[audio]Metal show for the week of August 4th, 2013 - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's show features new tracks from the German project, AwAy, as well as from Chicago's own Al-Athawra and the D.C.-based Vestiges side of their split with Panopticon.The playlist can be found: hereThis show'll be streaming from August 05, 2013 thru the 11th.  Podcasting at radio4all.net (link pending).
Keywords: kxcf; kwtf; ashevillefm; music; metal; punk
Downloads: 33
[audio]The METAL (final) Straw 4/21/13 - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's show is a break from talk. No(t much) talk, just the dark and heavy!The playlist for this episode can be found here
Keywords: ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; final straw; metal
Downloads: 26
[audio]Metal Show for the week of 10/06/2013 - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's show features metal from around the world including new tracks from Subrosa, With The End in Mind, Ellende and more! New spoken content coming up soon! Playlist can be found at: http://www.ashevillefm.org/node/7774 Interview archives of the show can be found at thefinalstrawradio.noblogs.org You can contact the hosts for criticisms, critiques, concerns, questions, conundrums, quandries (wait, that's the same as questions, right....damn) by emailing us at thefinalstrawradio( aT)riseup...
Keywords: ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; metal; music; final straw
Downloads: 24
[audio]Grand Jury in NYC; also, Marie Mason and June 11 - Bursts O'Goodness
This week, William speaks to Dave about Jerry Koch.  Jerry is a New York Anarchist resisting (for the 2nd time) a GJ in NYC.JerryResists.netAlso, Bursts speaks to Bella about Marie Mason, long term ecological, animal rights, labor and anarchist activist.  Marie is also serving a 22 year sentence.  Bella also talks about the upcoming day of Solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid and Other Longterm Anarchist Prisoners on June 11th.supportmariemason.orgjune11.orgPlaylist can be found here(Als...
Keywords: ashevillefm; final straw; kxcf; kwtf; repression; support
Downloads: 82
[image]Doomy, Atmospheric Black Metal for the second week of July 2012 - Bursts O'Goodness
Bellow: The Harvest from Bellow E.P. (Funeral Doom from Minneapolis) Doppleganger of Death: Nothingness from Doppleganger of Death (Czech Republic) Marnost: Svůdcové lidstva (Deceivers of Humanity) from Split w/ SIBF (Czech) Source of Cold: Black Empress from Silence (Industrial Black Metal from Poland) CAPA: Shallow Towers II from Shallow Towers (Philly-based Post-Metal) The Last Three Winters: Shadows Of The Dead Children In The Reflections Of Your Mirrors pt.3 from The Last Three Winter...
Keywords: metal; drone; final straw; ashevillefm; bursts; kxcf; kwtf
Downloads: 15
[audio]CA Prisoner Hunger Strikes (08-12-2011) - Bursts O'Goodness
This show was based on what information I could garner concerning the Pelican Bay and Corcoran prisoners in CA who had promised hunger strikes concerning a number of concerns.  This strike eventually spread to many outside prisons throughout the state and the United States.
Keywords: ashevillefm; prisoner; resistance; hunger strike; kxcf; kwtf; final straw
Downloads: 20
[audio]Blasts from the not-so-distant past - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's show presents an hour of music I was into about 10 years ago: Indie Rock, Emo, Alt-Rock. The show includes some less well-known, Northern California acts like The Wunder Years, Rum Diary and Life in Braille. Enjoy! Archived at ashevillefm.org/the-final-straw through 2-27-12, afterwards at archive.org by searching this show's title.
Keywords: emo; indie rock; ashevillefm; bursts; final straw; kxcf; kwtf
Downloads: 13
[audio]Final Straw 06-10-12 - Bursts O'Goodness
A few announcements about planned protests in Asheville around the Westborough Baptist Church's plans to protest the Billy Graham Center (!?) and the vote on Tuesday on the Business Improvement District by city council. The rest of the show is metal. :P
Keywords: final straw; kxcf; kwtf; bursts o'goodness; bid; metal; ashevillefm
Downloads: 23
[audio]Shwoopy Songs - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's show is a short rant on the upcoming Business Improvement District couched in an hour of romantic songs. Why the hell not?
Keywords: bursts; final straw; ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; business improvement district
Downloads: 9
[audio]Final Straw: "The sacking of Nantes, indeed!": ZAD residents respond for Feb 22nd demo - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's show features an interview with two residents of the ZAD about the demonstrations of February 22nd in Nantes, France.  Also, Anarchist prisoner Sean Swain talks about Swivilization in his weekly segment.  More on him can be found at seanswain.orgThe demonstration, dubbed a "sacking" by the media and police, featured directed attacks by demonstrators on offices of the French construction company threatening the lands of Notre-dames-de-Landes, a police station, a travel office, and a...
Keywords: ashevillefm; kowa; kwtf; kxcf; zad; sean swain; anarchist; prisoner
Downloads: 150
[audio]The Struggle Against Fascism in Russia, pt 1 - Bursts O'Goodness
This week we speak with Ukrop, an anarchist, antifascist activist, and maker of the documentaries "Antifascist Attitude" & "Actions vs. Repressions". This is part 1 of a two part interview, in which they talk about the history and context of Nazi influence in formerly-Soviet Russia and the rise of radical anti-fascism.  Ukrop also discusses how the internet effected punk and anarchist subculture in Russia in the 1990's and the first decade of the 21st century.  In the conversation we cover ove...
Keywords: ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; anarchism; antifa; russia; education; nazi; fascism
Downloads: 161
[audio]Crime Thought - William Goodenuff
from AshevilleFM This week on the show we interview Bay Area author Alden Wood about his book "Crime Thought; Theorizing CrimethInc." published in 2012 by Little Black Cart. In this interview we discuss the anarchist publishing project CrimethInc., which has been active and extremely prolific since the early 1990's. It serves as an entry point for many people who are just becoming acquainted with anarchism as a political ideology...
Keywords: kxcf; kwtf; ashevillefm; anarchism; final straw; crimethinc; alden wood
Downloads: 237
[audio]Metal show for the week of 01/06/2013 - Bursts O'Goodness
An hour of metal in lieu of a talk show. I'm taking a break from talk content for a few weeks and will be back up and running for a stint soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this. The playlist can be found here.
Keywords: bursts; final straw; ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; metal; music
Downloads: 41
[audio]Metal show for the week of June 23, 2013 - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's The Final Straw features metal and crust tracks from such projects as Woe, Agrion Splendens,  and they eat their own god.  Hope y'all enjoy!The playlist can be found here.Streaming at afm from 3AM EST, 6/24/2013, podcasting at radio4all.net (link pending).
Keywords: bursts; final straw; kxcf; kwtf; ashevillefm; metal; music
Downloads: 38
[audio]Luis Leon of the Dream 9 - Bursts O'Goodness
from AshevilleFM Luis Leon was born in Veracruz, Mexico but has been living in the U.S. since the age of 5 with his parents. In 2011, after graduating high school in Marion, NC, Luis self-deported to Mexico because of the high cost of higher education to undocumented immigrants here. In July, he and 8 other immigrants who'd been living in the U.S. attempted to publicly re-enter from Mexico. This week's episode features a conversation with Luis about his experiences in Western NC, moving back to ...
Keywords: luis leon; immigration; north carolina; ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; final straw
Downloads: 70
[audio]Metal show for the week of 01/27/2013 - Bursts O'Goodness
Got some Downfall of Gaia, some Wild's Reprisal, Year of No Light and more! Playlist is here.
Keywords: ashevillefm; kwtf; kxcf; bursts; final straw; metal; music
Downloads: 46
[audio]Final Straw: 4 year anniversary - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's show features 4 conversations.  For the fourth anniversary of the Final Straw Radio going on the air, we took it upon ourselves to have conversations with other people doing similar and different anarchist audio projects.  The first non-me voice y'all will hear is that of John Zerzan, the second is Franklin Lopez, the third is a member of the Crimthinc Ex-Worker Podcast collective and the final two are Rydra and Bellamy.  Introductions will ensue momentarily...
Keywords: ashevillefm; kwtf; kowa-lp; kxcf; wcrs; radio; interview
Downloads: 272
[audio]A (proxy) conversation with a Turkish Anarchist & Metal - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's episode of the final straw features our light-handed curation of another project's work. We bring y'all an english language interview with members of a Karakeok Autonome (http://www.karakok.org/), a Swiss-Turkish anarchist grouping related to the International of Anarchist Federations. The interview was conducted, translated and rerecorded by our comrades at Anarchistisches Radio Berlin...
Keywords: ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; anarchist; gezi; turkey; taksim; ankara; berlin; metal
Downloads: 92
[audio]Black Bloc: The legacy of the Kreuzberg Riots of 1987 - Bursts O'Goodness
from AshevilleFM This week's episode of the Final Straw features a conversation on a divisive and spectacular tactic that for many outside of the movement defines what an anarchist is: the black bloc. We speak to a comrade who was present in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin on May Day of 1987 when thousands of autonomous activists (of the Autonomen movement of which our guest was and is a member) and erected burning barricades while physically resisting the state...
Keywords: ashevillefm; kwtf; kxcf; final straw; germany; kreuzberg; autonomen; anarchism; riot
Downloads: 304
[audio]Nihilist Anarchism - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's show features a conversation with one of the editors of the recently released journal of Nihilist Anarchism called Attentat, available from Little Black Cart. We explore some of the history of the term nihilism and some of the philosophical underpinnings to it, as well as what intellectual nihilism today and active nihilism today look like around the world and in the U.S. in particular.  The editor speaks about what they think nihilism can bring to anarchism and vice-versa.More info...
Keywords: philosophy; nihilism; anarchism; kwtf; kxcf; ashevillefm; final straw; consequences
Downloads: 465
[audio]NSA leaks and computer security - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's episode features two conversations.  The first is with Micah Lee of the Electronic Frontier Foundation about the NSA leaks and what information that came out of it (at the time of this show's airing) was actually new and a general overview of what government surveillance in the U.S. looks like over computers.The second conversation is with the Bay Area-based hacker, Bill Silverfox.  Bill works with Hackmeet.org.  We spend most of the hour discussing different communication technol...
Keywords: ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; final straw; hacker; anarchist; computer; security
Downloads: 240
[audio]No Wave pt 1 (redux) - Bursts O'Goodness
A redone version of a show from December, 12 2010. From that blog post: "My first show dedicated to the oft-forgotten (except among the ultra-hipsters) and under-appreciated genre/movement called No Wave. Originated in, although not totally limited to, New York in the Late 1970's, No Wave is jumpy, primal, danceable and melodic and atonal and all of these things and more! Enjoy. " Available from The Final Straw from Sept 3-10...
Keywords: no wave; brian eno; new york; punk; ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; bursts; final straw; post-punk
Downloads: 63
[audio]Martin Ramsey on Occupy AVL's Anti-Anti Caucus - Bursts O'Goodness
Bursts spent the hour speaking with Martin Ramsey, a wob who's also a member of the Occupy Asheville Anti-Authoritarian Anti-Capitalist Caucus (Anti-Anti).  We talk about some of the potentials of the Occupy movement and the place of anarchists, autonomists and other like-minded folks in the Asheville wing of it.
Keywords: occupy; martin ramsey; ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; final straw; anarchist; capitalism; asheville
Downloads: 16
[audio]Anti-civilization Anarchism: A Conversation with John Zerzan - Bursts O'Goodness
This episode features a conversation with Anarchist philosopher, author and radio host John Zerzan. John has authored six books, including Elements of Refusal, Running on Emptiness and, most recently, Future Primitive Revisited (2012, Feral House). Some of his writings have been recently compiled into Origins: A John Zerzan Reader (2010, FC Press jointly with Black and Green Press). His radio show airs every Tuesday at 7pm EST on 88.1 FM on KWVA radio out of U of O in Eugene, Oregon...
Keywords: anarchist; anarchy; green; eco; civilization; kwtf; kxcf; ashevillefm.org; bursts; final straw; sustainable
Downloads: 229
[audio]Survivors of Bashings Speak Out in Exclusive Interview (May 09, 2010) - Bursts O'Goodness
A resurfaced archive of our first show. now almost 3 years ago on May 09, 2010.  From the blog post:We were lucky enough to be allowed to interview two folks from the LGBTQI communities this week directly effected by the spate of bashings in Asheville.  We'll talk about their and others' attempts to organize for more safety in the streets of our city, the March taking place on Wednesday (5/12) in Montford, and their experiences of being female bodied and LGBTQI/LGBTQI-perceived.  We'll also t...
Keywords: final straw; ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; safe streets; bash; queer; asheville; lgbtqii
Downloads: 20
[audio]Final Straw: On the uprisings in Bosnia with Minel Abaz - Bursts O'Goodness
This week, we make some announcements concerning benefits in NC for water distribution in WV and a benefit in Durham for Luke O'Donovan. Sean Swain speaks on the case of the Lakota activist and prisoner Timothy Little Rock Reed and it's implications for the legal system in the U.S. The bulk of our show is an interview with Bosnain activist, antifascist, anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian Minel Abaz about the protests that've been shaking Bosnia in Herzegovina since early February and chasing...
Keywords: ashevillefm; kowa; a-revolt; kxcf; kwtf; sean swain; anarchist; prisoner; bosnia; herzegovina
Downloads: 96
[audio]Hannah Dobbz on Squatting in the U.S. - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's show features a conversation with Hannah Dobbz about their new book, Nine-Tenths of the Law: Property and Resistance in the United States. Hannah was also the creator of the documentary "Shelter: A Squatumentary".  We talk about squatting in the U.S., homesteading, market values, views on squat resistance in other countries from the U.S. and more.  The latter half of the show features a musical selection from the metal and gothy end of the spectrum...
Keywords: final straw; ashevillefm; kwtf; kxcf; hannah dobbz; squat; ak press; author; anarchism; property; homestead; occupy
Downloads: 151
[audio]Get healthy for the General Strike - Bursts O'Goodness
from http://www.ashevillefm.org/the-final-straw/04/2012/get-healthy-for-the-general-strike : For this week's show I've put together a workout mix which i'll present without interruption so that it can be played back with ease. As the May 1st General Strike approaches it's important that those of us participating get into good shape, or keep ourselves toned. I hope that this mix will inspire you to make your own mix and to, if you are able, go running or biking with friends, start regiments of pu...
Keywords: general strike; may day; health; final straw; bursts o'goodness; ashevillefm.org; kwtf; kxcf
Downloads: 54
[audio]Ash Borer, Tesa & more! Metal, Metal, Metal! - Bursts O'Goodness
playlist available here: This week's show features tracks by Tesa from their 2008 album, Heartbeats From The Sky as well as a track from Ash Borer's new album, Cold of Ages. Enjoy!
Keywords: stoner; sludge; post-metal; black; metal; final straw; bursts; ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf
Downloads: 37
[audio]CA Prisoner Hunger Strike roundup with Ed Mead - Bursts O'Goodness
This week William talks with Ed Mead, editor of CA Prison Focus magazine to discuss the results of the hunger and work strikes that swept west coast prisons since July, resulting in one prisoner death and at one point including the participation of 30,000 hunger strikers.  The strike, the third over two years, was meant to bring attention to and pressure against the state for it's practices of indefinite detention in solitary confinement without recourse, the silencing of prisoner activists, la...
Keywords: ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; final straw; ed mead; hunger strike; prison; metal; punk; solitary
Downloads: 92
[audio]When THE MAN knocks, health in the coal fields of West Virginia & METAL/PUNK! - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's show features two interviews.  The first is a conversation is with Mark of Croatan Earth First! about the recent visits by JTTF/FBI to anti-fracking activists on the East Coast, climate-change activists on the West Coast and and GJ-targetted Anarchist communities in NYC.The second conversation takes place between our friend, Wren Awry (AFM news hour) and Dustin Steele about Dustin's work with the Beards Fork Health Survey to gather information on the health effects of surface mining...
Keywords: kxcf; kwtf; ashevillefm; final straw; punk; metal; earth first; anarchism; grand jury; jttf; fbi
Downloads: 114
[image]West Coast prisoner strikes of July 8 and eco-resistance in northern Wisconsin - Bursts O'Goodness
This weeks episode features 2 conversations.  The first is an interview with Ed Mead, editor of Prison Focus newsletter, an ex-con and a media outreach person as re the CA prisoner hunger and work strikes beginning tomorrow, July 8, 2013.  If you'll recall, there were hunger strikes that spread throughout dozens of prisons around the western portions of the United States.  The main demands of many of the prisoners included more an end to collective punisment, ending the debriefing/snitching s...
Keywords: solitary; ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; prison; strike; hunger; penokee; ecological; mining; anarchist; solidarity
Downloads: 109
[audio]Conspiracy Trials, Grand Juries and Security Culture - Bursts O'Goodness
from http://www.ashevillefm.org/the-final-straw/02/2012/conspiracy-trials-grand-juries-and-security-culture This week's show features a conversation with Ian Coldwater, a co-founder of the Coldsnap Legal Collective, about Conspiracy Trials, Grand Juries, Security Culture and technology. We discuss some of the trials that have come up against Anarchists, Animal and Earth defenders and other radicals over the last 8 years in the U.S...
Keywords: conspiracy; trial; grand jury; anarchist; animal; earth; enviornmentalist; environmentalism; final straw; bursts; ashevillefm.org; kxcf; kwtf
Downloads: 122
[audio]What if we could swish AND fight? - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's show is a conversation with Parks about Stonewall, the cooptation of it's rememberance in the form of Pride marches, the split of the liberation movement into the pride movement and continued radical struggles.
Keywords: stonewall; queer; lgbtq; pride; gay; new york; compton's; san francisco; final straw; bursts; ashevillefm; kxcf
Downloads: 42
[audio]Support Jeremy Hammond & Updates from Belarus - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's show features a conversation with the anarchist, Jason Hammonds, about his brother, Jeremy, who's been imprisoned over a year without trial for allegedly leaking information to Wikileaks. The second conversation is an interview with a member of the Belarus Anarchist Black Cross about recent history and repression in Belarus. First things first: Jeremy Hammond. The first half of this week's show will be a discussion with Jason Hammonds, brother of imprisoned anarchist hacker and freed...
Keywords: final straw; ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; anarchist; black cross; prisoner; hammond; anonymous; hacker; wikileaks; stratfor; belarus; repression
Downloads: 178
[audio]The Lucasville 5 - Bursts O'Goodness
This week, we spoke with Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan who is facing the death penalty for his role as a negotiator during the prisoner uprising at the SOCF facility in Lucasville in April of 1993.  Hasan, as well as 4 other prisoners, have become known as the Lucasville 5.  4 of them are charged with the death of a prison guard by the name of Bobby Vallandingham as well as 9 inmates considered to be snitches...
Keywords: lucasville; ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; final straw; prison; uprising; hasan; carlos sanders; political prisoner
Downloads: 90
[audio]Afm Final Straw 02242013 - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's show features 2 of the 3 tracks from the split album with Profound Barathre, Rorcal and Malvoisie (from Switzerland), as well as Encircling Sea (from Australia) and Yngizarm (from China) to form an HOUR OF ATMOSPHERIC and BLACK METAL!
Keywords: Yngizarm; malvoisie; rorcal; barathre; metal; ashevillefm; bursts; final straw; kxcf; kwtf
Downloads: 38
[audio]In Luke O'Donovan's Defense: A conversation with a member of his support committee - Bursts O'Goodness
On the night of New Years Eve this year, there was an incident of violence that occurred at a party which left six people stabbed and/or beaten in the Reynoldstown neighborhood of Atlanta. One man, Luke O'Donovan, was taken to the hospital with multiple bruises and also stab wounds on his back, was arrested. The police and media narrative, based on the words of those present at the party, states that Luke left the party angry, returned with a knife and, as we've seen portrayed in recent coverage...
Keywords: luke o'donovan; atlanta; abc; support; prisoner; queer; ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; bursts; final straw; anarchist; bashing
Downloads: 73
[audio]Eddie Falcon: Vet, Rapper, Organizer, Anarchist - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's show features a conversation Eddie Falcon. Eddie is a Chicano veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan wars who organizes withIraq Veterans Against The War performs revolutionary hip hop as Forty Thieves and is an anarchist. Over the hour, Eddie lays down his experiences and views of class, race, patriarchy and militarism. https://myspace.com/fortythievessf http://www.ivaw.org This show will stream at http://www.ashevillefm.org/the-final-straw from 3AM, August 19, 2013 for a week...
Keywords: ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; ivaw; veteran; war; racism; class; patriarchy; assault; hip hop; militarism
Downloads: 148
[audio]The Struggle Against Fascism in Russia, pt 2 - Bursts O'Goodness
from AFMThis week's show features the second half of the conversation with Ukrop. Ukrop is a longtime anarchist, antifascist activist and documentarian from Moscow. This show features conversations about the rise of the new "Cossacks" movement in Russia, a rural militia with anti-Semitic and xenophobic perspectives receiving support from the government. We also talk about who participates in Antifa in Russia, specifically relationships between the Antifa movement and Feminist movements, LGBTQ mo...
Keywords: ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; anarchism; russia; ukrop; antifa; fascism; feminism; lgbtq; black cross; gaskarov
Downloads: 100
[audio]Eric McDavid's ThoughtCrime - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's show features a conversation with Jenny, who works with Sacramento Prisoner Support.  Jenny and Bursts discuss the case of Eric McDavid, a Green Anarchist prisoner in the U.S., in terms of the green scare and the upcoming June 11 Day of Solidarity with Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners.Briefly, Eric and two other activists were entrapped by a government informant who went by the name, Anna.  Anna, over a series of months, attempted to pressure the 3 to plan and execute radical actions ...
Keywords: ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; liberation front; anarchist; eric mcdavid; june11; conspiracy; green scare
Downloads: 123
[audio]May Day Choir in Asheville: A conversation with Saro and Kila - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's show will be a conversation with Saro Lynch-Tomason and Kila Donovan, members of the Asheville May Day Choir about music, resistance, history and the upcoming May Day celebrations in Asheville. Saro and Kila are also members of the band, Red Wind. The show features in-studio renditions of some beautiful resistance songs that we'll be hearing this year. The two jamboree shows will be a benefit for Blair Pathways...
Keywords: red wind; blair; final straw; labor; bursts; asheville; ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; may day; anarchism; folk
Downloads: 47
[audio]The Final Straw: Paul Z. Simons and Modern Slavery: A Libertarian Critique of Civilization - William Goodenuff
This week William talks with Paul Z. Simons, a contributor to and editor of the journal Modern Slavery; A Libertarian Critique of Civilization available at http://modernslavery.calpress.org. Mr. Simons is also an essayist and former contributor/editor of Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed and Out of Anarchy among other projects. Modern Slavery delves into the conception of a modern slavery through an explicitly radical discussion of the history and present condition of wage economies and wage sl...
Keywords: final straw; ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; paul z. simons; ajoda; anarchy; art; modern slavery
Downloads: 180
[audio]Peter Gelderloos on The Failure of Nonviolence - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's episode features an interview with Peter Gelderloos.  Peter is the author of "How Nonviolence Protects the State", "Anarchy Works" and most recently of "The Failure of Nonviolence: From the Arab Spring to Occupy."  In this hour Peter discusses the arguments in "The Failure...", surmises the efficacy of nonviolent civil disobedience mass movements since the end of the Cold War, looks at some of the main and most visible supporters of the NVCD and what a more verdant struggle might l...
Keywords: final straw; gelderloos; ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; anarchism; nonviolence; left bank; occupy
Downloads: 356
[audio]Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin: Memphis organizes against police and the KKK - Bursts O'Goodness
from http://www.ashevillefm.org/the-final-straw/03/2013/lorenzo-komboa-ervin-memphis-organizes-against-police-and-the-kkkMemphis is heating up!  This year will be the first observance of the International Day of Action Against Police Brutality on March 15th, organized in part by Black Autonomy CopWatch.  Also, on March 30th, the KKK will be holding a rally against the city's decision to rename the park housing the body of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a confederate General and founder of the KKK.  ...
Keywords: bursts; ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; final straw; ervin; panther; copwatch; black; autonomy; memphis; kkk; klan; chattanooga
Downloads: 101
[audio]Occupy Everything: Anarchists in the Occupy Movement, 2009-2011: A Convo with Aragorn! - Bursts O'Goodness
from http://www.ashevillefm.org/the-final-straw/06/2012/occupy-everything-anarchists-in-the-occupy-movement-2009-2011-with-aragorn This week's show features a conversation with Aragorn! Aragorn is an author based out of the Bay Area who is responsible for numerous essays on anarchism, nihilism and indigeneity; was an editor of Anarchy: a Journal of Desire Armed, and currently helps to publish The Anvil Review...
Keywords: anarchism; anarchy; aragorn; bursts; final straw; kxcf; kwtf; occupy; little black cart
Downloads: 89
[audio]Afm Final Straw 12222013 - Bursts O'Goodness
In late November of 2013, Kiev and other parts of Ukraine saw the building of spontaneous plaza occupations and street demonstrations against President Yanukovych apparent decision to stall steps towards integrating Ukraine into the European Union. The protests, known as Euromaidan or EuroPlaza in Ukrainian, called on the ruling government to move forward with the integration, fearing that the stalling was a sign that the Ukraine was giving in to pressure from the competing Customs Union (made u...
Keywords: bursts; final straw; ashevillefm; kwtf; kxcf; ukraine; euromaidan; anarchist; union; autonomous; worker; kiev
Downloads: 1,340
[audio]Sean Swain, Blackjack and the Army of the 12 Monkeys - Bursts O'Goodness
This week's show is about the case of two prisoners in Ohio. In 2011, the staff at Mansfield Correctional Institution (MANCI) became aware of a nascent guerilla sabotage movement starting among prisoners called the Army of the 12 Monkeys (A12M). A12M sabotage and organizing manual and propaganda began circulating among prisoners. Cells were searched in detail and James “BlackJack” Dzelijilja was found to have angry hiphop against prison he'd written and also a book on Ericco Malatesta, the ...
Keywords: ashevillefm; kxcf; kwtf; ben turk; sean swain; ohio; blackjack; final straw; prison; prisoner; abolition; redbird
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[audio]Cleveland Anarchists, Pax and Support for Long Term Anarchist Prisoners: Conversations with Will Potter & Ian Coldwater - Bursts O'Goodness
from http://www.ashevillefm.org/the-final-straw/05/2012/cleveland-anarchists-pax-and-support-for-long-term-anarchist-prisoners-conversations-with-will-potte This week's show features two conversations around the fbi, prisons and Anarchists. The first is with Will Potter, author of Green is the New Red and blogger at greenisthenewred.com . Will is an award winning, independent journalist based out of Washington, D.C...
Keywords: anarchist; pax; prisoner; will potter; ian coldwater; final straw; ashevillefm; bursts o'goodness; kxcf; kwtf; june 11; cleveland
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